Exporting Organic/Natural Foods From USA

Exporting organic, natural foods from the USA requires considerable planning and preparation. First, you have to ensure the food and beverage products you decide to export overseas fulfill the strict standards for defining organic foods as established by the United States federal government. Then, you have to address logistical issues such as customs, tariffs, and the regulations of the country where you want to do business. Finally, do you want to export to an international distributor or directly enter an international market by selling to retail stores?

What if we told you there is an easier way to export natural foods from the United States?

Since 2010, Grovara has helped hundreds of brands find their niches overseas. Our one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform matches the sellers and buyers of American better-for-you food and beverage products. Instead of reaching out to potential buyers, you join a revolutionary eCommerce platform that brings the buyers of American organic food and beverage products to your front door.

We mean your virtual front door.

The Grovara eCommerce platform is a virtual trade show that you can access every day from the comfort of your office. Our wildly popular eCommerce platform acts as a matchmaker for both exporters and importers. Instead of traveling to dozens of trade shows each year, you save time and money by onboarding to gain access to the Grovara way of doing business. Our technology professionals always stay ahead of the technology curve when it comes to developing the Grovara eCommerce platform.

How Does Grovara Help You Export Organic Food from the United States?

Defining the term “organic” means different things to different people. The only people who matter when defining organic in the United States are the organic food specialists at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Grovara works closely with exporters to ensure they follow the rigid organic guidelines established by the USDA.

Before you sell your first order of natural food and beverage products, you will thoroughly understand the international customs, tariffs, and government regulations that apply to organic foods. The import-export specialists at Grovara also help the exporters of healthy foods understand the logistical requirements for every overseas market. You will have every tool you need to develop a flawless pipeline between your organic food brand and the buyers of American better-for-you food and beverage products located in the international market.

Simplify How Your Brand Exports Organic Foods from the United States

In fewer than 30 days, your brand will be ready to reach out to the buyers of American organic food and beverage products. Our onboarding process is free for both buyers and sellers to encourage them to sign up for the onboarding process. Grovara helps your brand streamline the document verification process and ensure each document is verified and authenticated to reduce the amount of red tape that often bogs down international organic food and beverage transactions.

Every buyer that has signed up for the Grovara eCommerce platform has access to your company information, including detailed descriptions of your products. You communicate with potential buyers, process large orders, complete sales transactions, and ensure accurate fulfillment requests, all from one convenient platform.

Get Started Today

To understand the power of the Grovara way of exporting American natural food and beverage products, all you have to do is go back to 2021, when exporters worldwide struggled to stay financially afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. While our competitors lost market share, Grovara increased international sales by 75 percent, with nearly 50 percent of that growth coming from Latin American markets.

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