Grace’s Goodness in Ten Items or Less


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Ten Items or Less about Grace’s Goodness Organics with Founder, Grace Ventura!

We believe everyone, everywhere deserves to be well nourished anytime, anywhere!


1. Best Selling Product? 

Grace’s Goodness Immune – it has a delightful cumin turmeric flavor profile!

2. What drove you to go international?

We have had many requests from all over the world…Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South America, Israel, Europe, etc.

3. Where do you see the value in international?

Our company mission is to help people everywhere be nourished….the need for better nourishment/wellness management is a global need and we’ve had strong interest in our offerings from wellness professionals around the world.

4. What plans do you have for new products? 

The Mindful Mushroom is launching in July…definitely a fav! The rich savory and functional benefits of shitake, cordyceps, agaricus blazei and reishi…plus veggies & MCT! The flavors are full, satiating, versatile and great on their own.



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5. What makes your brand or product unique?

We have created our broths to be all organic, plant-based, functional and convenient…all you need is a mug and hot water to be well nourished & satisfied wherever life may take you! 

6. What inspires you as a founder?

What inspires me is the desire to bring goodness into the world that supports health & wellness. At Grace’s Goodness Organics we are committed to changing people’s lives for the better!

7. How did you start Grace’s Goodness?

So, it all began in my kitchen – my goal was to develop a line of delicious, nutritious and convenient broths to address the problems of unhealthy diets and not enough time to create a nourishing, yummy meal or snack. 

8. Who are your customers?

Our customers are looking for a healthy snack or quick pick me up. They are on a wellness journey, want to take care of their family and are focused on self-care. They are using our sipping broths instead of that extra cup of coffee or tea, or to create a recipe, a broth concoction with wellness benefits.

9. What makes your broths special?

Grace’s Goodness is more than just broth…it’s broth with explicit functional benefits to address key wellness needs, e.g. gut health, etc.  This product line is a tool to help you in your self-care, to proactively manage your wellness.

10. Top three things to remember about Grace’s Goodness?

Grace’s Goodness broths are

  1. Plant-powered sipping broth with explicit wellness benefits to support key health needs.
  2. Convenient – just add hot water.
  3. Real food – Simple, clean organic ingredients, no added sugar nor high sodium.