How to Find an Overseas Distributor For Your Wellness Products

It is the perfect storm that exporters face when learning how to find an overseas distributor for their wellness products. Significant disruptions in the supply chain make it difficult for many exporters to promptly send their organic food and beverage products to international markets. Food shortages have started to develop in less wealthy countries and affluent countries such as the United States. Tariff wars and rapidly changing government regulations put exporters under tremendous pressure to find the right distributors.

There is a solution to ride through the perfect storm unscathed, and it is called registering to join the revolutionary eCommerce platform hosted by Grovara.

Since 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has changed the way exporters and importers of American better-for-you food and beverage products conduct business. Instead of traveling to meet distributors, your healthy food brand completes a simple onboarding process to receive introductions to distributors that operate as far away as Chile and Indonesia. You simply log in with your account information to access the most advanced export-import tools offered by any broker.

Grovara does not operate as a broker. We provide organic food and beverage brands with an eCommerce platform that includes tools that help you discover new markets, as well as learn about the custom and tariff policies implemented by different nations. Have supply chain bottlenecks disrupted your business? Grovara helps natural food and beverage brands form partnerships with distributors that know how to navigate the supply chain during the most difficult of times.

Here are a few of the hundreds of organic food and beverage brands that have registered to join the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Tips for Forging a Business Relationship with an Overseas Distributor

Grovara helps organic food and beverage brands connect with the most reliable distributors for American healthy food and beverage products. However, there are a few things your brand can do to improve the exporting process.

First, prepare to complete legal and trade certifications. Your products must comply with the unique laws established by each country where you have a presence. Second, consider working with a language translation service to prevent communication breakdowns from slowing down the export process. Third, create an international distribution agreement covering payment terms, purchase orders, product pricing, and regional exclusivity. Having exclusive trade rights for a specific region or an entire country can increase sales. Finally, communicate with your overseas distributors to address any distribution issues once a month.

Above all, provide a consistent flow of high-quality products to build long-term partnerships with each distributor of your organic food and beverage products.

Get Started Today

The Grovara virtual eCommerce marketplace helps you access buyers and distributors you never knew conducted business in the organic food and beverage niche. Our one-stop eCommerce platform allows you to process orders, verify transactions, discover new markets, and analyze crucial buyer metrics. Onboarding costs your brand nothing and within 30 days, you start conversations with distributors that have access to overseas markets located halfway around the world.

The import-export industry faces its most significant logistical challenges in decades. Do not allow product shortages, tariff wars, and supply chain bottlenecks to impact your brand negatively. Partner with a company that experienced growth of 75 percent at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

Contact Grovara today to get started by submitting the Contact form or calling our headquarters at 215-207-0967.