Import USDA Label Organic Food

As a buyer of Better-For-You food products from American brands, you want assurance that the organic foods you import have the prestigious United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification and label. The USDA conducts annual reviews of its certification process for organic foods to ensure its standards are the most stringent for certifying organic food and beverage products.

When you search for the highest-rated natural food brands from the United States, you should turn to Grovara to receive introductions to Better-For-You food brands that offer only organic food and beverage products that meet the rigid standards for certification. Since 2010, Grovara has acted as a matchmaker between American healthy food brands and buyers that operate worldwide.

The key to our success is our eCommerce platform that takes care of every step required to complete organic food and beverage transactions. We do not operate the traditional import-export model, which entails going through a broker to find the most qualified buyers of organic food and beverage products. Instead, you log in to our proprietary eCommerce platform to conduct business, such as discovering new USDA label organic food and beverage products and processing orders in real-time to buyers operating in markets as far away as Taiwan and Rio de Janeiro.

International Customers Demand Healthy Food and Beverage Products

Some brands have pounced on the opportunity to increase sales by entering global markets where their products are in high demand. Research studies released in markets throughout the world demonstrate the popularity of American organic food and beverage products. One study published by Global Industry Analytics, Inc. predicts the global demand for organic food and beverage products should reach $1 trillion in US dollars by 2026. The rapid increase in demand for organic food and beverage products around the globe is partly because of a focus on eating healthier foods. Another factor for the high demand is that natural food and beverage products have become much more accessible to consumers living in overseas markets.

What is the USDA Organic Label?

Defining “organic” can mean different descriptions for different international markets. In the United States, USDA-certified organic food and beverage products must follow the federal guidelines that address, among many additional factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, the use of additives, and pest and weed control. If you buy Better-For-You food and beverage products from American sellers, you can expect the definition of organic to be consistent.

American certified organic produce grows in soil that does not contain any banned chemicals leached into the soil over the previous three years. Banned chemicals include virtually every type of pesticide and fertilizer. The USDA issues certification for organic meat when animals are raised in natural living conditions. For example, the USDA approves an organic certification for beef when the cattle raised to produce the meat can graze on natural pastures.

Learn More About Grovara

Because of logistical issues, many buyers of American organic food and beverage products have difficulty discovering suitable sellers if they go about business the traditional way by going through brokers and attending live trade shows. The Grovara eCommerce platform acts as a virtual trade show because you can start conversations with American organic food and beverage sellers by simply logging in to our revolutionary eCommerce platform.

Join Grovara when you want to import USDA label organic food. Onboarding takes no longer than 30 days, and it does not cost your company anything. To learn more about Grovara and the eCommerce platform onboarding process, call 215-207-0967 or submit the convenient online form.