Importing American Health Food and Wellness Brands

As a buyer or distributor that does business in an overseas market, you may have noticed an increase in demand for American organic food and beverage products. Whether you operate in an international market such as Dubai or Montreal, you want to find the most effective way to tap into the higher demand for American health foods and wellness brands.

Welcome to the revolutionary eCommerce platform developed by Grovara.

Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grovara has helped international buyers and distributors discover American natural food and beverage products since 2010. Our convenient eCommerce platform acts as a virtual trade show where the sellers of American healthy food and beverage products meet overseas buyers and distributors. Instead of traveling thousands of miles per year to meet with prospective exporters, you log in to the Grovara eCommerce platform to discover wellness food and beverage products that are not available in the market where you serve a rapidly growing customer base.

Another practice the Grovara eCommerce platform eliminates is the requirement for international buyers and distributors to work with a broker to meet American exporters. The Grovara eCommerce platform is the digital broker that processes orders, verifies transactions, and ensures every fulfillment request is completed in real-time. You no longer have to manually put together pallets of a single product for shipment to your international market. The Grovara eCommerce platform offers a convenient tool called “Pallet Builder” that organizes orders according to the size and weight of individual better-for-you food and beverage products. Pallet builder accounts for ingredients, product temperature, and expiration date.

Benefits of Importing American Organic Food Products

Why should your import company buy American organic food and beverage products instead of sellers operating in other overseas markets? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established one of the most strict criteria for a food or beverage product to receive the designation as organic. This means the American natural food and beverage products you buy and distribute contain much less a concentration of harmful pesticides and heavy metals. For example, American healthy food and beverage products do not contain the likely carcinogen called Roundup, which is the at the center of an ongoing legal battle in the United States

The stringent standards introduced by the USDA also include nutritional benefits. American organic food and beverage products such as meat and milk have more healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This is due to how organic farmers raise livestock, such as feeding livestock a grass-fed diet and providing much more time for livestock to spend grazing outdoors. American wellness products also do not contain antibiotics and synthetic hormones that increase yields but can produce one or more negative long-term health consequences.

Join the Grovara eCommerce Platform

If you want proof of Grovara’s strong position in the international organic food and beverage market, look no further back than in 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While natural food and beverage brands worldwide struggled with increasing sales, Grovara enjoyed robust growth of international sales that reached 75 percent. Nearly half of the international sales growth came from Latin American countries, where Grovara has devoted substantial financial resources to establish a long-lasting economic presence.

If you are a buyer or distributor operating in a Latin American country, gaining access to the Grovara eCommerce platform is the most effective way to meet American organic food and beverage brands.

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