Importing Natural/Organic Food & Beverage Products from USA To Mexico

Successful American organic food and beverage brands looking to increase sales should consider expanding their presence by entering overseas markets. When importing natural and organic food and beverage products to Mexico from the USA, Grovara can help.

Countries such as Spain, Turkey, and Argentina, have opened their markets to American products such as apparel and electronics. Do the same favorable economic climates extend to better-for-you food and beverage products? If your American brand knows where to introduce consumers to high-quality foods and beverages, the answer is yes.

Our neighbors to the south have become a country that has helped Grovara match international buyers with natural food and beverage brands located in the United States. Since 2010, Grovara has set the standard for matching American companies with buyers and distributors that operate in Mexico and other Latin American markets. We offer international buyers and distributors the opportunity to join an eCommerce platform that has dramatically changed the import-export model for buyers and sellers of healthy food and beverage products.

The Grovara eCommerce platform has attracted businesses from more than 50 countries to become members. We have enlisted buyers and sellers of wellness-focused food and beverage products from across the industry spectrum, including categories such as coffee, keto, paleo, and plant-based foods. One of the most appealing benefits of joining the Grovara eCommerce platform is interacting with the sellers of American organic food and beverage brands without spending time and money attending live trade shows.

Grovara offers a virtual trade show that carefully vets both buyers and sellers before onboarding them for a future of robust sales growth. We have attracted hundreds of American food and beverage brands and buyers to the Grovara platform.

Why do International Buyers Demand American Natural Food and Beverage Products?

A research study released by Global Industry Analysts Inc. estimates the global demand for organic food and beverage products should exceed $1 trillion by 2026. Driven by more informed consumers, the strong demand for American organic food and beverage products also stems from the stringent standards applied by the United States government for labeling food and beverage products that enhance health. In addition to the health benefits of consuming food and beverage wellness products for Mexican consumers is the affordability of the products due to the close relationship Mexico and the United States have developed for international trade.

Increase Sales by Entering the Mexican Market

Starting conversations with American organic food and beverage brands has never been easier when you sign up for the Grovara eCommerce platform. Grovara puts every Mexican buyer and distributor of natural food and beverage products through a free, comprehensive onboarding process that introduces them to American health food and beverage brands they otherwise would never have met. From one convenient location, you also can process orders, finalize sales transactions, and ensure the accuracy of every fulfillment request.

The Grovara way helped us increase international sales during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While our competitors struggled to attract partners in 2021, Grovara increased sales globally by 75 percent. More than 40 percent of the growth in sales came from Mexico and other Latin American countries. We help buyers and distributors cut through government red tape and learn where in Mexico you should sell the natural food products your company has purchased from a highly reputable American company.

Learn how to connect with American organic food and beverage brands by joining the revolutionary Grovara eCommerce platform. You can get started today by submitting the online contact form or calling 215-207-0967.