milkadamia in Ten Items or Less

Ten Items or Less about milkadamia with Brett Sardo, EVP,  International & Food Service!

Best Selling Product? Why?

Milkadamia Macadamia Milk Unsweetened

The macadamia nut has a natural sweetness to it and is high in healthy oils and healthy fats. This makes it a super-product for making a milk because the natural sweetness, the oils and the fats mirror the flavor and texture of 2% milk.


What is milkadamia doing to commit to international?

Prioritizing it… 

Prioritizing it. We are expanding greatly. I was hired to open up some opportunities. We’ve quickly done some expansion in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia. One of the things we’ve done to invest in international is teaming up with Grovara and other partners around the world. We don’t see international as plan B, it’s part of our plan A.


What plans do you have for growth?

We’ve done very well in retail and are expanding into food service products and products that are more food than beverage related – more dairy alternatives: butter, soft serve and ice cream.


How is milkadamia better?

Other farms have livestock so they can’t use raw nuts for food safety concerns. They have to roast their nuts. Because ours are raw, you’re getting all of the nutrients and flavors.


What inspires the team?

It’s the company ethos that gets you excited. Macadamia milk is one of the most environmentally friendly in plant-based milks. The trees where our nuts come from are naturally hydrated by rain because the farm is on the edge of the rainforest and harvesting macadamia nuts doesn’t harm the trees. The positive environmental impact is massive, which is why the team has so much pride. We can represent knowing we are actually helping the environment, not hurting it and that goes a long way.


What inspired the founding of this brand?

The origin is the ownership’s macadamia nut farms in Australia. Having an abundance of the nuts allowed them to start making the milk and because the macadamia nut is so rich and creamy, you need less of the nuts to make a great milk.


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