Sweet Nothings: The Future of Non-Sugar Sweeteners Embraces the Label

Americans still eat too much added sugar — as much as 3.5 times more than current recommended amounts — but things are improving for both consumers and makers of non-sugar sweeteners. 

An infographic from The Food Insider Journal and underwritten by food conglomerate Cargill reveals that 80% of Americans are trying to limit or avoid added sugar in their diets. That is good news for American wellness manufacturers in the non-sugar sweetener space.

In addition, the FDA’s new labeling policy should make things clearer for consumers, helping them understand the differences between different types and amounts of non-sugar sweetness.

The new labels aren’t just for show. Calculating total added sugars has been difficult because the Nutrition Facts Label only displayed total sugars. The revised labels are expected to eliminate confusion and prevent or postpone more than 700,000 cases of cardiovascular disease and more than 1 million cases of diabetes.

Many products in Grovara’s catalog contain non-sugar sweeteners, and one of Grovara’s most recognizable brands, Wholesome Sweeteners, specializes in better-for-you syrups, agave and stevia zero-calorie sweeteners.

Grovara expects the consumer trend toward less sugar and updated labeling to drive innovation in the non-sugar sweetener space.

Ultimately, much like the sugar industry’s stranglehold on the decades-long narrative that blamed many other substances like fat for increased health risks, it will be the wellness market’s ability to shape the stories on its innovations that enables consumers to make healthy choices that sacrifice little when it comes to sweetness.