Ten Items or Less with Amy’s Kitchen

Ten Items or Less with Amy’s Kitchen’s Jared Larkins, Kristine Rasmussen and Defne Crow

1.What is Amy’s Kitchen Best Seller?

Our current best seller in the Grovara assortment is our Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegetable Lasagna.

2. In your words, what makes Amy’s Kitchen unique?

Amy’s Kitchen was created more than 30 years ago from the belief that great-tasting food should be available to all. We spend countless hours in our kitchens, cooking authentic great-tasting food with high quality, organic ingredients so our consumers can enjoy them in minutes. We meticulously source only the best ingredients and always cook our food with love, all so we can fulfill our purpose of making it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well.

3. Besides being organic, what other special diets can enjoy Amy’s products?

All of Amy’s products are vegetarian and depending on the meal, we can accommodate gluten free, dairy free, and kosher diets.

4. Amy’s offers burritos, entrees, & soups  through Grovara. Do you have any plans for new products you can share with us?

At Amy’s, we are constantly developing new products. We are excited to launch our signature best-selling items to start and will be monitoring market trends to inform what products we will introduce in the future.

5. Amy’s Kitchen states that they “We choose what’s best for our customers, our farmers, our employees and our planet.” Can you elaborate on Amy’s dedication to the environment?

We know that choosing to do what’s right – for our people and our planet is what creates a meaningful business and positive impact. We take this responsibility seriously from our B Corp certification, earned in 2020, with a robust third-party verification of our social and environmental commitments, to our efforts to capture more carbon from the environment than we produce, to supporting farmers to adopt practices that restore the land, to ensuring we replenish the natural resources we use.

6. Amy’s pioneered the organic industry. What, in your opinion, is coming next in the organic industry? The next trend or big focus?

As we look to the future, we are going to see a ton of innovation in the organic space from products to production practices to regenerative agriculture, all through a sustainable lens.

7. What inspired you to go international/What has been your greatest success with international?

Many of Amy’s signature items have been inspired by traditional international recipes, so it’s only natural that we would bring our products abroad to serve consumers worldwide.

8. Where do you see the value in global wholesale?

While we have many products designed to suit most diets and palettes, we see an opportunity for our canned soup line as we embark into new markets. Amy’s is synonymous with comfort and we see our soups as a perfect introduction to the brand.

9. What are you doing to commit to global wholesale/how are you committing to global wholesale?/How are you investing in global wholesale?

We have a dedicated international team at Amy’s that has a strong background in working with international customers and purchase orders.

10. What have been some of your most significant struggles/greatest lessons learned?

Each customer and geographic region are truly unique, and Amy’s has learned the benefit of approaching each international business partner with personalized strategies designed to work best for their shoppers.