Ten Items or Less with Wild Tea Kombucha

Ten Items or Less with Wild Tea Kombucha’s Co-Founder & CEO Emily Baadsvik

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1. Best Sellers!
Our current best seller is our Rootbeer with Ginger Kombucha. 

2. What is your most loved product?

Our Rootbeer with Ginger Kombucha is a crowd pleaser because it is something new that a consumer is more likely to be curious about and give it a try.

3. What makes Wild Tea Kombucha so unique?
“A couple of things make us unique.  For one, we are 100% woman owned and operated. We also have unique backgrounds that brought us together. I was a past Olympian and my business partner, Brigette Freel was an accomplished health inspector on the go. We met in 2015 and combined our interests and expertise to create delicious and approachable kombuchas that are actually low in sugar.”

4. Where does the name Wild Tea Kombucha come from?
“We are called Wild Tea Kombucha for a few reasons. We are in the wild west of Calgary, Alberta, we have a wild culture and my business partner and I are a little bit more on the wild side when it comes to how we live our life. We’re more adventurous and we like to be as active as possible. “

5. What kind of adventurous activities do you like to do?

“I love cross country skiing and downhill skiing the most.”

6. What plans do you have for growth or new products?

“We are looking into doing a line of adaptogens and exploring the world of functional beverages.”

7. As a co-founder, what inspires you in your day-to-day life and in your brand?
“I think what inspires me is ultimately, freedom. The freedom to make healthy choices, the freedom to live a healthy lifestyle, the freedom to do the job, and work the hours I want to work. I also think that being surrounded by like-minded people that are uplifting, innovative and constantly pushing the boundaries are things that keep me going.”

8. What inspired the founding of Wild Tea Kombucha?
“I started the company out of the desire to create. To create change for myself because I was tired of spinning my tires and I felt that I didn’t necessarily have a calling or fit into a box in a sense. It started as something to do on the weekends and I started to attend farmers markets.  Then in 2015,  I met my business partner and that’s when it really became a business.”

9. What inspired you to go international and work with Grovara?

“I wanted to bring our products outside of Canada. Our population really does love our kombucha but it’s cold most of the year. Traditionally, kombucha is seen as a seasonal drink. In the colder months, you go into a store and see candy and sweets and you don’t think to grab a kombucha, when actually, that is the best time to consume kombucha. To support your body with digestion and probiotics when you are consuming more sugar and larger meals.”

10. Wild Tea Kombucha sodas are low in sugar and sweetened with Stevia, so you can enjoy classic soda flavors guilt free!