U.S. Companies Looking for Distributors

Grovara represents dozens of U.S. companies that manufacture Better-For-you food and beverage products and are looking for international distributors. We connect these brands and potential buyers to help them succeed in major markets around the globe where demand is on the rise.

Philadelphia-based Grovara, founded in 2010, utilizes data and proprietary technology to help American-made natural and organic product manufacturers and international wholesale buyers connect directly and seamlessly through a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform. We are reshaping the importing and exporting experience, making it easier for buyers and brands to do business.

Like a virtual trade show, our online wholesale marketplace features dozens of available brands and thousands of vetted retailers and distributors who are connecting daily to conduct business seamlessly and confidently.

Why Import Organic and Natural Food Products

The benefits of importing better-for-you foods and beverages include:

  • Importing new products helps you discover if there is consumer demand for similar products in your market.
  • Importing benefits your consumers with the ability to purchase products that are not produced locally.
  • The costs of importing are lower than the cost of manufacturing those products at home.
  • Importing may give you a leg up on the competition.

Finding Opportunities

When attempting global business expansion, you can’t just sit in your office and wait for foreign brands to get in touch with you. Finding potential international trading partners will take some investigation. You’ll need to learn about global markets and understand and comply with importing laws, regulations, and required documents.

Importing and exporting food and beverages to and from the U.S. is complicated because these commodities are directly related to public health and safety.

Traditionally, purchases of U.S. wellness products go through a broker, who takes the order from an international buyer via email message or phone, then manually “builds” a pallet of cases of a singular product or adds them on another pallet stocked with who knows what. With a broker, buyers typically experience more back-and-forth regarding pricing and pallet setup, less flexibility in ordering options, and the well-known risks of overseas payment transactions.

There’s a better way, and only Grovara has it.

Register as a buyer today and browse the Grovara Marketplace to explore hundreds of category-leading American-made natural and organic brands with category and product-level insights powered by SPINS, the U.S. leading consumer data and analytics provider for the natural and organic product industry.

Connect directly with brands to start conversations, request samples, and place orders. Take advantage of Grovara’s proprietary pallet builder that enables easy checkout of a custom (multi-SKU, multi-layer) pallet while helping to eliminate ordering errors and unnecessary back-and-forth communications. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides step-by-step instructions at every stage of your order.

Next Steps

Ready to import but concerned about complicated procedures and finding U.S. companies looking for distributors? Learn more about Grovara and our easy-to-use platform that streamlines the entire import/export process by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.