US-Based Food & Beverage Exporters Directory

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Developed by Grovara, the eCommerce platform brings exporters and importers of natural food and beverage products from around the world together in one virtual marketplace. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grovara has helped American brands discover new overseas markets to sell their better-for-you food and beverage products. After reaching agreements with buyers and distributors throughout the globe, your healthy food and beverage brand works from the Grovara eCommerce platform to process orders, confirm sales transactions, and ensure accurate fulfillment requests in real-time.

Our US-based food and beverage exporters directory introduces buyers and distributors to American organic food and beverage brands they otherwise would never have met. Instead of visiting dozens of booths at a live trade show, you start conversations with international buyers and distributors from one convenient eCommerce platform. The Grovara way of exporting American organic food and beverage products speeds up the transaction process while ensuring you do business with the most reputable buyers and distributors operating out of overseas markets such as Qatar, Norway, and Korea.

Finding the Right International Markets

Grovara is more than a matchmaker for natural food and beverage sellers and buyers. We also provide you with the analytic tools to choose the best international buyers and distributors of American organic food and beverage products.

You enjoy access to SPINS analytics in real-time and global sales trend reports and the trade data collected by the American government. Grovara helps our partners navigate the often-complicated red tape that makes gaining entrance into international markets challenging. When you sign up to use the Grovara eCommerce platform, you receive essential logistical information regarding customs, tariffs, and the government regulations imposed by each country where you want to do business.

Grovara helps your brand answer several important questions.

Where is the Strongest Demand?

Not every international market generates the level of demand that makes entering the market financially feasible. Grovara helps our partners conduct research that discovers which overseas markets represent the markets that generate the most substantial demand for your organic food and beverage products.

Is the Economic Climate Business-Friendly?

You might discover an international market that generates the demand that makes it financially feasible to enter the market. However, you have to determine whether the market is friendly to businesses, especially American natural food and beverage brands. Grovara provides you with information such as the political and regulatory climate of a market that interests your brand.

Will You Make a Profit?

Although demand is important, the demand for your organic food and beverage products must produce consistent profits. This means you must calculate an appropriate price for each wellness product to determine whether you end up in the red or black when conducting business in different overseas markets.

Discover More International Buyers and Distributors

The free onboarding process to access the Grovara eCommerce platform takes no longer than 30 days. When you are done with the onboarding process, your American organic food and beverage brand is ready to start conversations with buyers and distributors that our team of export specialists has fully vetted before accepting them on our eCommerce platform.

We partner with hundreds of American healthy food and beverage brands, including the following companies:

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