What Natural Products are the Best for Exporting from the U.S.?

Research indicates that consumer interest in clean eating, safer foods and beverages, and healthier natural, organic products is growing worldwide. Forecasts predict a bright future for Better-For-You products in North America and worldwide. Grovara can help you decide what products are best for exporting from the U.S. and help you manage documents, payments, and logistics.

Grovara simplifies the process for you with a technology platform that automates and streamlines the workflows associated with exporting. We make it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery and sales to order processing, payments, and fulfillment. We will help you get export-ready in as little as 30 days and help you expand into markets you never knew offered so many growth opportunities for your brand.

Grovara’s online marketplace currently boasts natural and organic products from dozens of brands, such as:

Arrowhead Mills: Organic baking mixes, grains, cereals, and nut butters; a trusted organic baking brand for 60 years.

Brad’s Plant-Based: Air-dried, plant-based snacks made with kale and other organic vegetables, minimally processed, and keto-friendly and gluten-free.

Chickapea: Naturally gluten-free, grain-free, and wheat-free plant-based pasta made from organic chickpeas and lentils.

Cleveland Kitchen: World-class culinary fermented foods made with organic ingredients, including sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, dressings, and marinades.

GT’s Living Foods: Handcrafted natural and organic fermented products, such as their #1-selling GT’s Kombucha with active probiotics that aid digestion and support overall health and wellness.

Lesser Evil: Natural, organic, and Better-For-You popcorn and puffed snacks in eco-friendly packaging.

That’s It: The # 1-selling probiotic snack bar offers allergy-free fruit bars with only two ingredients and 2 billion active cultures each.

True Citrus: Simple and clean crystallized citrus and fruit powder-based products, including beverage mixes and juice replacements.

Wholesome Sweeteners: Organic, natural, non-GMO, and Fair-Trade Certified sugars, agave, honey products, and zero-calorie sweeteners.

Benefits of Exporting with Grovara

Exporting can be a challenge, but Grovara facilitates global exporting and importing with a lightweight, tech-driven platform that provides automation and intelligence-based tools. Here are just a few reasons to consider Grovara:

  • Simple Onboarding: Grovara does not charge onboarding fees for brands or buyers.
  • Sales Speed: The Grovara platform can complete a transaction in four clicks from a brand and three from a vetted export partner. Buyers can purchase multiple brands in a single checkout session, easily reorder, and replenish by setting subscriptions based on SKUs and frequency.
  • Simplified Export Documentation: Documentation is streamlined, verified, and authenticated for quick in-country product registration and customs clearance compliance.
  • One-Stop-Shopping: Buyers can explore products that interest them and connect with your brand directly through the Grovara platform to start conversations, request samples, and fulfill orders.
  • Painless Payments: International payment processing is centralized and painless.
  • Management Tools: Grovara offers a full suite of tools to help you manage your international B2B commerce. Order management is available right from your dashboard.

Next Steps

Ready to export your natural, Better-For-You products but concerned about entering new markets, finding international buyers, and complicated procedures? Learn more about Grovara, our simplified market-leading processes, and what products are best for exporting from the U.S. by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.