Importing Top Organic & Natural Food/Beverage from United States

What was once a healthy food and beverage trend has become a vital part of a nutritional lifestyle. However, the organic food and beverage products market remains the domain of American brands that do business in overseas markets as diverse as Brazil and Thailand. When importing top natural products from the United States, let Grovara help.

Suppose you represent an international buyer of better-for-you food and beverage products. How do you gain access to the most popular brands in the world that base their operations inside the United States? The answer is by joining the revolutionary eCommerce platform offered by Grovara.

Introducing the Grovara Way

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grovara has transformed the traditional broker business model into a digital technology powerhouse that brings together the buyers and sellers of American organic food and beverage products. Since 2010, Grovara has offered the buyers and sellers of healthy food and beverage products the opportunity to conduct business from the comfort of their homes and offices by conveniently logging in to a one-of-a-kind eCommerce platform.

We like to refer to the Grovara eCommerce platform as a virtual trade show. Instead of traveling thousands of miles every year to start conversations with American brands, you can gain access to our advanced virtual trading platform to meet international trade specialists representing hundreds of organic food and beverage brands based in the United States.

Here is a short list of the American natural food and beverage brands that are currently part of the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Why Should You Import American Better-for-You Food Products?

Before you target American brands that sell healthy food and beverage products, you have to answer the question, “Why should your company go organic?” The answer lies in one of the most fundamental economic principles that drive international business.


Several studies have demonstrated the organic food market is not just a fad but a rapidly growing segment that generates sales that by 2028 should exceed $1 trillion in sales worldwide. With a compound growth rate reaching nearly 20 percent, buying and distributing organic food and beverage products represents the foundation of a successful business model.

Importing natural American food and beverage products provides consumers in the market where you do business with access to products they cannot buy locally. Importing better-for-you food and beverage products from the United States is less costly than developing the same products at home. The United States Department of Agriculture applies the toughest organic labeling standards in the world, which means your import company can purchase food and beverage products that suppliers have not tainted by adding harmful chemicals.

Get Started Today

Grovara wants international buyers to succeed. This is why we have invested substantial financial resources into the development and ongoing improvement of our proprietary eCommerce platform. The free onboarding process prepares your import company to interact with American natural food and beverage brands in fewer than 30 days. Imagine the convenience of connecting with sellers, processing orders, verifying sales transactions, and quickly achieving fulfillment requests from one digitally-driven international trade platform.

Contact Grovara today by submitting the online form or calling 215-207-0967 to change how your company conducts importing top organic and natural food and beverage brands from the United States.