Exporting Organic Products From The USA

Interested in exporting your organic products from the USA? Grovara introduces a new way for organic food and beverage exporters to reach more international markets without going through a broker. Our eCommerce platform brings together the sellers and buyers of better-for-you food and beverage products at one convenient location. The Grovara way also helps exporters meet new buyers and distributors without attending live trade shows.

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara unveiled a virtual eCommerce platform that connects exporters of American food brands with buyers operating overseas in markets such as India, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The free onboarding process teaches you how to get the most out of the eCommerce platform in no more than 30 days. Before the end of 30 days, you connect with the representatives from some of the world’s most popular organic food and beverage buyers.

Here are eight of the hundreds of popular organic food and beverage brands that have partnered with Grovara to expand operations in overseas markets:

Tips for Exporting Organic Food Products from the United States

Grovara is much more than a matchmaker that brings together the exporters and importers of American natural food and beverage products. We also offer logistical support to healthy food and beverage brands to help them navigate the complex process of obtaining the correct licenses and following government regulations.

However, there are some things your brand can do to bolster your international sales campaign.

Effectively communicating the information buyers need represents one of the essential tips for exporting food products from the United States. Both buyers and international consumers want to know how your brand produces its organic food and beverage products and how the ingredients in each product encourage the development of a healthy diet.

After providing overseas buyers and consumers with relevant product information, your brand should leverage the power of digital marketing to increase the exposure of your natural food and beverage products. Maintaining a strong social media presence keeps buyers and consumers engaged with your brand.

Before you fulfill the first order using the revolutionary Grovara eCommerce platform, your brand must develop an efficient distribution network to minimize costs and speed up the delivery process. During a time of food product shortages and supply chain disruptions, you need to build an efficient distribution network that minimizes the negative impact of the current world economy.

Increase International Sales

Grovara’s eCommerce platform offers your brand analytical tools that help you connect with the right international buyers and sellers. Our trading partners have access to real-time SPINS analytics, global trend reports, and trade insights provided by the United States government. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model gives you instructions on how to handle every step of the export process. Grovara makes available every document you need to receive approval for exporting organic food and beverage products from the United States to international markets.

One of the most significant advantages of registering with the Grovara eCommerce platform is to get discovered by buyers and distributors worldwide. We categorize products such as coffee, keto, and sweeteners to make the discovery process move much faster. Every buyer interested in your organic food and beverage products connects with you from one convenient eCommerce platform.

Grovara has changed the way sellers and buyers of American organic food and beverage products conduct business. Learn more about the Grovara way by calling 215-207-0967 or submitting the short online form.